Centaur CI-MA3 Technical specs

Make Centaur
Model CI-MA3
Company country United states
Production years
Tractor type Industrial tractor
Fuel gasoline
Price -
Total build -
Service repair manual Centaur CI-MA3 Manual
Industrial front tires 5.00x15
Industrial rear tires 9x24
Weight 3000 lbs or 1360 kg
Length -
Width -
Height -
Wheelbase -
Ground clearance -
Engine size -
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders
Horsepower -
Power RPM 1400 (rpm)
Engine torque -
Engine torque RPM -
Fuel type gasoline
Fuel tank capacity -
Number of batteries -
Battery voltage -
Electric ground force -
Engine starter volts -
Parts And Accessories Centaur CI-MA3 Parts
Transmission type gear
Transmission gears 4 forward and 1 reverse
Wheel drive 4x2 2WD
Steering system manual
Braking system -
Cabin type Open operator station
PTO claimed power -
PTO clutch system -
Rear PTO system -
Front PTO system -
PTO fuel consumption -
Hitch control system -
Rear hitch -
Rear hitch lift -

Detailed review of Centaur CI-MA3

Centaur produced its CI-MA3 industrial tractor model in United states with a Open operator station cabin.
Talking dimensions and weight, this model weighs 3000 lbs or 1360 kg.
This tractor can fit industrial tires of 5.00x15 front and 9x24 back .
This Centaur CI-MA3 is powerd by a gasoline engine it has 4 cylinders.
This machine has 4x2 2WD wheel drive system,4 forward and 1 reverse transmission system.

- Centaur provided us with the latest version of its CI-MA3 service repair manual
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