EarthForce EF-1D backhoe-loader Technical specs

Make EarthForce
Model EF-1D backhoe-loader
Company country Czech republic
Production years From 1995  Until 2001
Tractor type Backhoe loader tractor
Fuel diesel
Price -
Total build -
Service repair manual EarthForce EF-1D backhoe-loader Manual
Industrial front tires 23x8.5-12
Industrial rear tires 10.0/75-15.3
Weight 4279 lbs or 1940 kg
Length 192 inches [487 cm]
Width -
Height 89 inches [226 cm]
Wheelbase 64 inches [162 cm]
Ground clearance -
Engine size 68.5 ci or 1.1 L
Number of cylinders 3 cylinders
Horsepower 25 hp or 18.6 kW
Power RPM -
Engine torque -
Engine torque RPM -
Fuel type diesel
Fuel tank capacity 14.5 gal or 54.9 L
Bore stroke 3.071x3.087 inches or (78 x 78 mm)
Number of batteries -
Battery voltage 12 V
Electric ground force negative
Starter motor electric
Engine starter volts 12 V
Parts And Accessories EarthForce EF-1D backhoe-loader Parts
Transmission type hydrostatic
Transmission gears infinite forward and reverse
Wheel drive 4x4 MFWD 4WD
Steering system power
Braking system -
Cabin type ROPS/FOPS
Hydraulic system open center
Hydraulic tank capacity 13.4 gal or 50.7 L
PTO claimed power -
PTO clutch system -
Rear PTO system -
Front PTO system -
PTO fuel consumption -
Hitch control system -
Rear hitch -
Rear hitch lift -

Detailed review of EarthForce EF-1D backhoe-loader

EarthForce produced its EF-1D backhoe-loader backhoe loader model From 1995  Until 2001 in Czech republic with a ROPS/FOPS cabin.
Talking dimensions and weight, this model weighs 4279 lbs or 1940 kg has , 192 inches [487 cm] of length and 89 inches [226 cm] of height while maintaining a wheelbase of 64 inches [162 cm].
This tractor can fit industrial tires of 23x8.5-12 front and 10.0/75-15.3 back .
This EarthForce EF-1D backhoe-loader is powerd by a diesel engine it has 68.5 ci or 1.1 L 3 cylinders ,it can produce 25 hp or 18.6 kW the fuel tank capacity is 14.5 gal or 54.9 L.
This machine has 4x4 MFWD 4WD wheel drive system,infinite forward and reverse transmission system.

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